Advanced Treatment For


    • Herniated or Bulging Discs

    • Degenerative Disc Disease

    • Sciatica

    • Acute or Chronic Neck & Back Pain

    • Chronic Headaches

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Chronic Back/Neck/Shoulder Pain Treatment Available!


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Focused on back and

neck/shoulder pain


  • 24-visits

  • 7-steps

  • Stop the pain cycle

  • End pain medication

  • Prevent surgery


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The NuBack Program is a unique, 24 ‐visit, 7 -step program utilizing multimodal exercise-based physical therapy interventions combined with whole-body vibration and traction to address chronic low back pain associated with sciatica,  radiculopathy, herniated discs and other conditions of the back and neck. The program is designed to break the pain cycle, strengthen backs, and correct the original cause of the problem. Thousands of patients have been treated by this method and have benefited from its effectiveness. In most cases, surgery is prevented.

The NuBack treatment method has undergone an independent, peer-reviewed clinical study showing pain scale reductions more than 4 times better than the leading back treatments. Post-treatment MRIs have shown rehydration and disc height increase. Our mission is to help as many individuals with back issues as we can. We offer hope and healing.



Independent Clinical Study

Published August 26, 2016

By Gianni F. Maddalozzo, PhD


US National Library of Medicine

A recently published independent clinical study showed NuBack's Treatment Method to be 433% more effective in reducing pain and disability caused by back/neck pain than the best traditional methods!


Two groups of patients all diagnosed with chronic low back pain for greater than 12 months resulting from lumbar disc herniation or lumbar degenerative disc disease confirmed by an MRI of the lumbar spine and accompanied with sciatica pain resulting in pain and or numbness to travel along the large sciatic nerve that serves the buttocks, legs and feet.


In the study, one group was treated with the leading traditional approach such as the McKenzie or Manual methods.


The other group was treated with NuBack's method.



The results speak for themselves.


MRI's of the patients treated with the NuBack method show rehydration of the discs, and reabsorption of bulging and ruptured discs!